The concept of Carmyne's Journals is unique. The cover of the book is an exact photographic representation of 150-year-old fabrics by the English company Ferdinand Poche. More

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At that time arsenic was often used in the fabrics, so that the colours remained radiant for a long time: the colours in the fabric sample book, which the Dutch publisher Karmijn uses as inspiration for the notebook covers, are just as beautiful as 150 years ago and the notebooks are therefore beautiful, historical works of art.

The paper is also important: the books contain the excellent Tomoe River paper, extremely thin, but very suitable for fountain pen ink and watercolour paint, the ink and paint do not bleed through the paper. The A5 hardcover notebook contains 288 pages of Tomoe River dot grid paper and includes a reading ribbon and closing elastic.

  • Size: A5
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Paper: Tomoe River

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