The magnificent Venezia Romantica Journal, tied in a leather lace, is hand-made in genuine soft leather and is distinguished by a smooth and shining cover. It contains 200 Ivory colored pages all in a special marbling that is available in different colors. Available in different colors and created in accordance with the Florentine Tuscan craftsmanship traditions.

Manufacturer: Belcraft Product code: P00051

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The distinguishing element is the marbling of the pages which confers to them both elegance and refinement and the variety of colors ranging from the Blue to the Green to the Black to the Red, can meet all kinds of tastes.

The paper is made in Italy in the perfect respect for the international laws UNI EN ISO which require branded FSC products by guaranteeing this way their quality, their origin and the complete absence of chlorine, acids and heavy materials. For all these reasons our products are safe and harmless to health. We’ve selected a weight in grams of 100 gr. In order to produce fountain pens with a thin pen-nib.

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