Professor Namiki's company grew rapidly after the first successes, and by 1926 it was already operating in international markets with official offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

During the 20th century, the company Pilot corp. it continued to grow and open new branches around the world. Pilot is not only known around the world for its tradition and quality of craftsmanship, but also as an innovator. In recent years, PIlot has introduced a new range of BeGreen line models - fountain pens and writing utensils, which are mainly made from recycled materials.

Some higher Pilot models bear the names "Custom" or "Custom Herritage" with a two or three number range. The "Custom" models are cigar-shaped, while the "Custom Herritage" models are flattened on two sides. The number on the fountain pen consists of two numbers representing the year of manufacture of the pen. The third number represents the list price multiplied by ¥ 10,000.

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